Honest, dedicated, reliable and straightforward: that’s who we are!

At AW Materieel & AW Machinery, we like to do things our own way. We always do what we say. Out rental fleet is specifically designed to ensure that the vehicles are easy, fast and convenient to operate for drivers. In machine building, we enjoy tackling complex issues: we develop and build, among others, washing units to clean underground containers, loads and intake blocks. Quality is the basis of everything we do! We always focus on simplicity, operational convenience and we strive to keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

Collaborating, building and maintaining long-term relationships, and dedicated reliable work is what distinguishes us. AW takes great pride in servicing our clients on a daily basis.

AW Rental
At AW Materieel, we rent highly innovative cleaning vehicles that are ergonomically designed for the comfort of the driver and low fuel consumption. These are safe, modern vehicles that are available for short or long-term rentals. We can also give you advice about the other available variations, including leasing or the partial or complete outsourcing of a fleet. By leading the market with ergonomically configured vehicles, much expertise at the workplace and short lines of communication to the clients, we always succeed in supplying quality. We work according to the ISO 9001 norm.

AW Machine construction
This is where innovation, drafting and (continued) development of new and existing machines take place, such as for instance our washing units, subterranean lifts, suction vehicles and cleaning installations. Machines built specifically for our clients, and always of the highest quality. The washing unit is a prime example of this. This removable container is placed on a hoist vehicle and empties and cleans underground containers in one go. The underground well is also easily incorporated into this process. Please find more information under the “Machine building / wash units” buttons. You will also be able to see a demonstration video here.

We are happy to take on any challenge to discover creative, technical solutions for your specific needs!

AW Technic
We have a specialized workshop where we execute maintenance, repairs and overhauling of all your cleaning systems (Geesink, Haller, VDK en Translift).

AW Materieel does its utmost to optimize its business activities in a sustainable manner. Our vehicles are highly innovative and special attention is paid to the ergonomics of the driver and to low fuel usage. We strive to achieve long-term relationships with our business partners and we carefully select our suppliers. Our building is CO2 postive and located at the Ecopark in Emmeloord. Our staff is given the opportunity to develop and grow in their work: working with pleasure is a primary objective!

Being honest, involved, reliable and clear – that is what we stand for!