Family firm
Our small family firm has a great team: colleagues that enjoy working independently, being self-sufficient, making decisions on their own, and really getting down to work in order to actually mean something to our clients and each other. This is all achieved in an open, informal atmosphere where there is plenty of room for new developments, training and own input. The door to consultation room is always open, and information is publicly available. We have a great deal of expertise, we are able to respond and switch gears quickly, and our clients see this on a daily basis!

When we think of the environment and sustainability, we think of Scandinavie. We have visited Norway, Sweden and Denmark often, and we have come to love it. The spaciousness, the serenity and the culture really appeal to us. There, living with and according to nature is self-evident, and this also entails caring for nature.
Every holiday we notice how self-sufficient and pro-active the people are. Everything is well-maintained, even though a machine may be old, it lasts a long time. “Lagom” is a typical Swedish word that means that something will suffice, or is just right (not too much and not too little). And we also love the Danish word ‘hygge’. In our daily lives, both privately and at our work, these are words that really suits us.

Care for the environment is evidenced by our sprightly, modern fleet with largely EURO 6 engines. And also by our energy positive premises in which we use geothermal heat and the light and warmth of the sun.
Our rental vehicles are designed for the ergonomic comfort an operational ease of the drivers. The cars are designed for simple and efficient operation: the cranes, for example, can be operated by remote control – from the support pillars up to the 5th and 6th functions.
The majority of our fleet consists of Volvos and Scanias, classic Swedish brands of course, to make the circle complete again…….

We are greatly inspired by the open management style of Brazilian entrepreneur Ricardo Semler. who devised the following principles:
• Be a reliable and trustworthy company
• Honest and transparent values come before any momentary interests
• Find a balance between the short-term and long-term profits
• Supply high-quality products and services that are recognised by the client as the finest on the market and at a reasonable price
• Offer clients various services and put taking responsibility before profits
• Stimulate creativity and support your innovators
• Inspire everyone to participate and to question decisions that are made by upper management
• Provide an informal and pleasant environment with a professional attitude that is free from prejudice
• Ensure a safe working environment and control of the industrial processes to protect your personnel and nature
• Have the courage to recognise your mistakes and know that you can always improve

For us, openness and transparency and being a reliable business partner is vital. This openness and transparency can be seen, for example, in our building: lots of glass and natural light and few heavy traffic areas. When you walk through our offices you will come to the consultation room. This room is designed to feel like a living room, where clients and suppliers are always welcome. Give and take is supremely important to us: by always demanding more from another you will not build lasting relationships. Doing precisely what you promise to do is our second nature…

We strive to achieve job satisfaction on a daily basis. Our living/work environment contributes greatly to this. Our company is located on the ongoing navigation waters, with a wide view across the Polder landscape.
The water at our park is so clean, we often swim in it. This green idyllic environment not only inspires us, but also our clients and suppliers. Everyone can enjoy the view: sitting our office and on the terrace, you will enjoy watching the boats go by.

To offer birds, butterflies, bees and other animals food and protection we planted fruit trees, hedgerows and constructed a flower meadow. Our Ouessant sheep keep the grass short so there is less need for the lawnmower on fuel to be used and our pigs are doing their best to assist in our waste reduction!