Since March 2010 AW Materieel has been established at the Ecopark in Emmeloord. We built new premises here with light, modern workshops, cleaning facilities and offices.

In order to realize a climate-neutral building, we chose to use geothermal energy. In designing the building, orientation to the sun was taken into account and a maximum amount of daylight enters the work places, our offices and the canteen.

In 2011, we built our house next to the company. A completely wooden house, with geothermal heating and a lot of sunlight. With this combination, living and working on the Ecopark, our work-life balance grew even better then it was before!

In 2017, we built a new workspace and offices, fixed to the building of AW Materieel, for AW Machinery. Off course again as sustainable as possible.
From of 2019, we are able to work completely energy positive, with the installation of hunderds of m2 of solar panels.
Beginning of 2020, AW Machinery needed again more space, so we built a new floor with offices and meeting rooms.

AW develops and innovates!

There is more than average attention for sustainability at the Ecopark Emmeloord. In order to guarantee the sublime water quality, the water is purified by means of helofyten filters. Both incoming water and rainwater end up in the water system. Public space was used to position solar collectors that swivel to face the sun. This unique system provides the communal lighting system and the water system with electricity.

The integral approach to sustainability resulted in Stichting Duurzaam Flevoland [Foundation for Sustainable Flevoland] and the Provincial council Flevoland proclaiming Ecopark Emmeloord to be sustainably environment friendly – the only business park in Flevoland to receive this praise.

To guarantee the appeal of this special business park, a quality plan was drafted and with the assistance of an architect, we are shaping the design of the plan.

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