About us

Family business

In our small family business we have a fantastic team; colleagues who are self-sufficient, are able to make decisions independently and are prepared to put their shoulders to the wheel to be able to mean something to our customers and to each other. All this in an open, informal atmosphere where there is always room for new developments, training and personal contributions. The door of the consulting room is never closed, and information is available to everyone. We have a lot of knowledge, can switch rapidly and our customers experience this every day!

Annie van Terwisga
Sipke Bakker
Kees van der Wekken
 Klaas Hansma
Marijke Noordenbos
Piotr Wapinski
Yorick Kronenberg
Enrico Hiemstra
Denise and Gert-Jan van Wieren
Allard van Essen
Pascal Beijer
Erik Barmentloo
Hinko Wieringa
Jeroen de Boer


When we think of Corporate Social Responsibility and the environment we think of Scandinavia. We have been there many times and have taken this country to our heart. The space, the peace and quiet and the culture appeal to us enormously. Living with nature is self-evident there, as is the care for nature. Separating waste is therefore something that is simply done.

Every holiday it strikes us again how self-sufficient and self-supporting the Scandinavians are. And how contented. Everything is maintained well, but is often old and lasts for a very long time. Lagom is a typically Swedish word and it means something like sufficient, enough (not too much and not too little). In our daily life, both privately and in our work, that is something that also suits us well.

Our company's

At AW Materieel & AW Machinery, we like to do things our own way. We always do what we say. Out rental fleet is specifically designed to ensure that the vehicles are easy, fast and convenient to operate for drivers. In machine building, we enjoy tackling complex issues: we develop and build, among others, washing units to clean underground containers, loads and intake blocks. Quality is the basis of everything we do! We always focus on simplicity, operational convenience and we strive to keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

Collaborating, building and maintaining long-term relationships, and dedicated reliable work is what distinguishes us. AW takes great pride in servicing our clients on a daily basis.

Honest, transparent and committed. That is how we work at AW.

AW Spreuk

This also includes engagement with the world, in the widest sense of the word. Consciously established on an Ecopark in energy-positive business premises and with a car fleet for which we aim at the highest emission standard, we try to take one step more every day.

By setting aside part of the proceeds from our rental fleet, and the activities in our AW Machinery, we want to do something together with you for the environment and/or our fellow human beings, and preferably as locally as possible. When selling a washing unit through AW Machinery, we like to work together with you to find a good way to spend this money. Out of every rental day in AW Materieel we set aside an amount for which we seek a charity every three months.

As the first company in the Noordoostpolder we started implementing ISO 26000 by means of ISOFastTrack a few years ago. In 2019 we also received the ISO 9001. Every year we go through the questionnaire again, and every month we tackle relevant points of action. Having a certificate is fine, of course, but what matters to us most is that we also actually do something with it!