MVO / ISO 26000

ISOFastTrack issued our CSR/ISO 26000 self-declaration on 2 October 2013. During that year, AW Materieel completed their ISO 26000 implementation by means of using the online application ISOFastTrack, to assess the company’s policy on Corporate Social Responsibility CSR (MVO) and to create an action guideline to fulfil the CSR criteria.

Early in 2013, AW Materieel was the first company in the Noordoostpolder to start implementing ISO 26000 by means of ISOFastTrack. We have established the following action points for 2014:

  • reducing environmental pollution through measuring, reporting, registering and setting a baseline
  • reducing waste through measuring, reporting, registering and setting a baseline
  • researching how our company could measure and report greenhouse gas emissions, using clearly defined methods in internationally and/or nationally accepted  standards
  • ascertaining how much greenhouse gas our company emits and how we could compensate for this
  • updating and implementing Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE)
  • ensuring that all staff members are well-aware of our CSR policy and know how they can (continue to) apply this in their daily work
  • candid business dealings; formulating policy on how to deal with bribery
  • making the CSR objectives recognisable in practice by providing clear, practical and honest information
  • every staff member should (continue to) have the opportunity to develop optimally in their positions to keep job satisfaction levels high.


Take care of our clients, that’s our mission!

AW Materieel takes care of a complete mobility guarantee for all its customers.

“Reliable, innovative and involved” are the primary core values of the personnel at AW Materieel.
Our employees do their best to relieve each client of their worries and cares in a friendly manner and do their best to achieve this anew every day.


AW Materieel strives to rent, repair and advise in a fair, honest and involved way. As a market leader in user-friendly perfectly configured vehicles, much knowledge and know-how in the workshop and short lines of communication with the customers, AW Materieel is able to offer high quality.

AW Materieel is ISO 26000 certified, conforms to the Manifesto of Partners of CSR Netherlands and applies this in its organisation.

Sustainable business premises

Im März 2010 hat sich AW Materieel im Gewerbegebiet EcoPark in Emmeloord niedergelassen. Hier haben wir unser neues Firmengebäude mit einer hellen, modernen Werkstatt, einem Waschplatz und einem Büro errichtet.

Damit das Gebäude klimaneutral ist, haben wir uns unter anderem für die Nutzung von Erdwärme entschieden. Im Gebäudeentwurf wurden der Stand der Sonne sowie der größtmögliche Tageslichteinfall an den Arbeitsplätzen, sowohl in unserem Büro als auch in der Werkstatt berücksichtigt.

AW Materiaal has been established at the Ecopark in Emmeloord since March 2010. We built our new business premises here with a light and modern workshop, a cleaning facility and offices.

In order to realise a climate-neutral building, we chose to use geothermal energy (warmth from the earth). The design of the building took the orientation to the sun into account and allows for a maximum amount of light to enter the work places, in our offices and in the workshop.

Attention to sustainability is higher than average in the Ecopark. Grey wastewater (rainwater and slightly contaminated domestic waste water) is purified with helofyten filters, after which it can be used again. Sustainable options were also used for paving, processing of organic waste, signposting and street lighting.

The integral approach to sustainability resulted in Stichting Duurzaam Flevoland (Foundation for Sustainable Flevoland) and the Provincial Council Flevoland proclaimed Ecopark Emmeloord to be sustainable and environment friendly – the only business park in Flevoland to be given this praise.

To guarantee the appeal of this special business park, a quality plan was drafted and with the assistance of an architect, we are shaping the design of the plan.

Flower meadow

To offer birds, butterflies, bees and other animals food and protection we planted fruit trees, hedgerows and constructed a flower meadow. Our Ouessant sheep keep the grass short so there is less need for the lawnmower on fuel to be used and our pigs are doing their best to assist in our waste reduction!

The water on the park is so clean you can swim in it. This green environment does not only inspire us, it also inspires our customers and our suppliers. Everyone enjoys the view and it is nice to linger in the canteen or on the terrace where you can see the boats sail by.