AW Materieel is a multi-faceted company that offers guaranteed fleet mobility. At AW, we like to do things in our own authentic way. We love to collaborate, build relationships and work with care and dedication. Our staff takes pleasure and pride being involved in the rental of waste collection vehicles, repairing and overhauling and building up various brands as well as the development and construction of waste collection vehicles. Our rental fleet is specifically designed to focus on simplicity and the operational convenience of drivers. Quality is always our number one priority!

AW Materieel, the rental specialist of garbage collection!

At AW Machinery, we develop and build innovative (wash) machines for the waste-cleaning market. Examples include different types of washing equipment, for inside/outside (bins/upper-undergound container) cleaning, combi attachments, well elevators, suction units and much more.
But we also develop completely new waste collection systems and we enjoy new challenges! Simplicity, operational convenience, quality and sustainability are the pillars of all our designs.
As far as we are concerned, anything is possible!

AW Machinery, the leading innovative wash specialist in Europe!